In Zombie House Flipping, we meet millennial flipper Justin Stamper and his incredible team of renovators. They are the Robin Hoods of Real Estate in Florida, buying and fixing up dilapidated, abandoned, bank-owned zombie houses and cleaning up embarrassing properties in Orlando's most upscale neighbourhoods, and making big money in the process.  Justin's team includes property scout and realtor extraordinaire Ashlee, construction king Keith, renegade re-modeler Duke and lastly Marley, Justin's loveable black Labrador. Ashlee and Justin drive across Orlando, touring decrepit properties and determining their resale value. Once Justin picks a property, he hands it over to the duelling makeover masters, Keith and Duke. Keith will raise the roof when necessary. After the dust settles, Ashlee lists the reanimated property and makes a killing. The next day, it's time for another zombie hunt.