When Cassie Talbot, 18, a shy but pretty dancer heads off to college, she’s focused on her studies and becoming a vet. But a chance encounter leads her to 

reluctantly tryout for the cheerleading squad. To Cassie’s surprise she makes the squad and her life instantly transforms. For the first time, she has it all: popularity, a major she’s passionate about and a cute boy from class wants to date her. Everything is perfect until... her dead-beat father disappears with her tuition money. Cassie’s at risk of losing it all until she discovers the cheerleading squad has a salacious secret that could make all her problems instantly go away. Against everything she believes in, Cassie joins several of the girls and turns to having sex with older men for quick money. The cheerleading squad moonlights as a call girl ring and the madam is none other than the cheer coach. But after Cassie joins the ring, things go terribly wrong for one of the girls. Cassie realizes she’s involved in something deeper that has to be stopped - at the risk of exposing her own mistakes.