A child with no birth certificate, raised in a loving home, discovers as an adult that she was kidnapped as a baby and brought up by a stranger. Executive Produced by Robin Roberts, this is the story of Alexis Manigo, born Kamiyah Mobley, abducted at infancy and unaware of her sordid upbringing. Kamiyah Mobley was stolen out of her mother Shanara Mobley’s arms at the University Medical Center in Jacksonville in July 1998. By the time police were aware, Gloria Williams—Kamiyah’s kidnapper—was long gone. To Gloria’s family and friends, she was baby Alexis. No hint of foul play. It wasn’t until years later, when Alexis applied for a job and couldn’t provide a social security card or a birth certificate, that she realized something wasn’t right. After learning the truth, mother and daughter kept the secret as long as they could, but an anonymous tip soon led to Gloria’s arrest. Alexis’ world came tumbling apart. The only mother she has ever known was arrested and charged with kidnapping.