Ava King, an incoming transfer student, is reluctantly trying out for the cheerleading squad at Kennedy High School. Her ambitious mother, Candice, pushes her to join. Head cheerleader and the most popular girl in school, Katrina Smith, quickly cozies up to Ava. Once Ava makes the squad, she becomes instant high school royalty. She also meets Peter, a fellow student and member of the football team with whom she becomes involved romantically. As she eases into her new life as a cheerleader, Ava eventually discovers new cheerleaders must go through a series of challenges set by Katrina in order to “officially” join the squad. While their first few meetings are innocent enough, the hazing gets more and more dangerous and intense, and during a humiliating late night hazing session, Ava decides that enough is enough, and quits the squad. But Katrina does not take kindly to it and makes it her mission to destroy Ava’s life.