The brand-new series Psychic Kids follows 47 children with extraordinary abilities. For these children the series was a breakthrough, it was the first time meeting other like-minded kids with similar abilities, giving them a much-needed sense of community in the process. Now, these kids are young adults, a secret society of psychics, out to pay it forward and help the next generation of kids who can’t control their powers. Some of our mentors include Peri Zarella, 24, who credits Psychic Kids with changing her life. She obtained a Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Columbia University and continues to sharpen her abilities and help kids tame their paranormal gifts. Amy Wise, 20, is a third-year student at UC Berkeley studying neurobiology. She spent years doing scientific research into her abilities following her time on “Psychic Kids”. These grown-up psychic kids will be matched to the appropriate kids in the field by coach, mentor and therapist Susan Grau. Susan has made it her life’s work to help families struggling to understand these otherworldly abilities and cope with it all.