Britain's Next Top Model


Nicky Johnston

Nicky Johnston is one of the UK's best known celebrity portrait photographers. His celebrity images regularly grace the covers of leading publications including Hello!, Good Housekeeping and Weekend - as well as serving as a major contributor to weekly magazines.  

He has over 25 years in the industry, starting off his career at the BBC as a staff photographer, working on shows like Top of the Pops and Blue Peter. He started taking portraits of various BBC celebrities, and after three years left to go freelance.

Nicky’s work has taken him all over the world, shooting celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan and Cheryl for a host of high-profile magazines, TV companies and PR agencies. The last couple of years have seen Nicky return to shooting more fashion – which he is thoroughly enjoying!

Having worked as a photographer on every series of Britain’s Next Top Model since its creation in 2005, last year Nicky joined the judging panel. His tough-talking approach and witty one-liners made him a popular expert with the girls, his fellow judges and the audience.

Inspired by the success of last year’s winner Olivia, Nicky is eager to find another up-and-coming model to fly the flag of Britain’s Next Top Model: ‘This show is very close to my heart and I want to find another girl worthy of winning such a prestigious title. Anyone failing to deliver their very best will see me get ragey (cue the evil cackle)’